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Omega Optical, Inc.
Designs and manufactures custom astronomy filters and prescription sets, for a wide variety of university programs, observatories, government agencies, and international consortia. Develops solutions for the spectral, optical, and environmental demands of each filter application.
Coronado Technology Group
H-Alpha and white light solar filters and accessories for telescopes, plus the Maxscope line of dedicated solar instruments.
DFM Engineering, Inc.
Advanced amateur and professional astronomical telescopes, telescope control systems and mounts, electro-optical telescopes, LIDAR systems, heliostats, siderostats/coeleostats, telescope optics and beam directors.
Astro-Physics Inc.
Telescopes, mounts and accessories for observers and astrophotographers.
EOS Technologies, Inc.
Offers turn-key observatory systems for astronomy and satellite laser ranging. Systems include telescopes and instruments, enclosures, integrated control systems and software for remote and autonomous operation.
Astro Optik
Large telescope systems including Hypergraphs, Deltagraphs, Cassegrains and Ritchey-Chretiens, Newtonians, Dobsonians and Schmidt cameras.
Professional-grade diagonal mounts and secondary mirrors, with unique features, for use in small to large telescopes.
University Optics
Suppliers of astronomical accessories, binocular viewers, eyepieces, binoculars, telescope building supplies, software, books, and components to build a "Cookbook" CCD camera.
Tinsley Laboratories
Specializes in the manufacture of aspherical optics and light-weighted Beryllium mirrors using computer-controlled optical surfacing technologies. The company is famous for producing the optics within the COSTAR optical package which corrected the Hubble Space Telescope's optical flaws.
Lumicon International
Products include Easy Guiders, hypered film and hyper kits, diagonals, the Sky Vector NGC, richfield viewers and many other accessories for amateur astronomers.
Losmandy Astronomical Products
Produces the Losmandy product line of precision equatorial mounts, dovetail systems, the Gemini goto control system and a variety of telescope accessories.
Mathis Instruments
Full product line of German equatorial and telescope mounts with full computer control. Mounts are available for telescopes up to 24" aperture and feature tapered conic sections for increased rigidity.
TeleVue Optics
Premium refractor telescopes, eyepieces, and accessories. Products include Nagler eyepieces, Panoptic eyepieces, Radian eyepieces, Plossl eyepieces, Barlows, Powermate, Ranger, 101, fluorite and apochromatic refractors.
Obsession Telescopes
Manufacturer of Dobsonian telescopes ranging from 12-1/2" to 30" in aperture. Optional accessories include the ServoCAT servo drive system which may be combined with the Argo Navis digital setting circles.
Thousand Oaks Optical -
Solar filters, solar eclipse viewers, H-Alpha filters and nebular filters.
Hutech Corporation
Manufactures the BORG line of telescopes, binocular scopes, spotting scopes and optical tube assemblies. Additional products include motorized altazimuth mounts and a variety of accessories.
Manufactures LRGB and other types of narrow band filters for CCD astrophotography. Other products include the remotely controlled ROAG off-axis guider, the TAKometer remote controlled camera rotator for Takahashi refractors, and the RGB Weight Calculator software for computing exposure times with RGB filters.
LOMO America, Inc.
Amateur and professional telescopes, microscopes, spotting scopes, night vision devices and 35mm film cameras.
Optec, Inc.
Photometers, telecompressors, electric Crayford style focusers, filter wheels and filters, and optical couplers for video microscopy.
David Chandler Company
Quality software and publications for astronomy and astronomy education. Manufactures the Deep Space Navigator telescope to computer interface, motor drives for Dobsonian mounted telescopes, high resolution optical encoders, plus custom encoder mounting hardware.
Custom Scientific, Inc.
Custom optics and interference filters with specialization in astronomical filters.
Pacific Telescope Corp.
Home of the Sky-Watcher brand of astronomical refractors and reflectors, catadioptric Newtonians, Maksutov-Cassegrains, plus spotting scopes, mounts, eyepieces and accessories.
Eclipse Optical Instruments of Canada
Official website of Eclipse telescopes of Canada. Distributor for Teleskop-Service Germany, ioptron, APM, Starlight instruments, Moonlite and Eclipse.
William Optics USA
Manufacturer of high-quality short tube refractor telescopes, binoculars, digital camera adapter lenses for telescopes, Swan eyepieces, diagonals and other accessories.

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